The wait is over: K.I.T.T. is finally on iOS!

This is not a soundboard. Now, you can talk to K.I.T.T. and he'll answer you in his own voice! Seeing (and hearing) is believing.


Lumos turns your device into a magic wand!

Now you can cast powerful spells to help you out of difficult situations: the darkness of a strange room, the path of an unexplored road, the pages of an old, mysterious book... and everything you can think of!


"How long will you last?" is the question that many players around the world are asking themselves. Neonfall is a fast and addictive game with which you can challenge friends and see who will get the best time!


iFrasi is the leading resource for messages, images, sentences for every type of occasion to send to your friends and relatives.


Spit is an anonymous chat where you can write whatever you like. You can read people messages or share your thoughts all over the world!


Agorà is the cheapest e-commerce in the Store. Here you'll find best brands at the best price with daily offers and sales.


Wherewolf is a game of mystery, deduction and communication for eight or more players. The main purpose of this app is to support the moderator during the run of a game, make the experience more enjoyable for everyone and avoid the errors that, for various reasons, occur from time to time.